Pink Color Meaning an Symbolism

What Does the Color Pink Mean

Pink, a soft and delicate color, symbolizes feminine charm, child-like sweetness, romanticism, tenderness, playfulness, and positivity.

Pink Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

Significance of Pink Color in One’s Personality

A blend of white and red, this color possesses the purity and softness of the former as well as the power and passion of the latter. Having pink as one’s favorite color means that they have a loving, sensitive, generous, and caring personality. They may also have a sweet and pleasant disposition as pink is mostly associated with all adorable things like cotton candy, flowers, and bubble gum. Such people are even known to be emotional, getting hurt easily, also having a great consideration for other’s feelings.

However, if one has an extreme infatuation with the color, preferring it in each and every object of their daily life, then it could highlight a sense of immaturity, as well as a lack of self-esteem and willpower.

When it comes to a person’s aura, it varies with the different shades of pink. Those with a baby pink aura are less attached to the material world and more connected spiritually, a bright pink aura stands for an affectionate, loyal, sensitive and compassionate nature, while a dark pink aura highlights the immature nature of a person with dishonest tendencies.

Symbolism of Different Shades of Pink

Baby or light pink: Child-like, innocence, sweetness

Rose pink: Universal love, maturity, unity

Salmon pink: Hope, health, happiness

Orchid or lavender-pink: Unconventional

Fuchsia: Assurance, confidence, maturity

Hot pink: Sensuality, passion, warmth, and playfulness

What Does the Color Pink Mean in Your Dream

If you are single, dreaming of pink flowers indicates the desire for love in his or her life. When already in a relationship, then the pink flowers could indicate an increased urge for romance.

Pink roses, in particular, are indicative of the ushering of a new romance in one’s life.

For those planning a pregnancy, dreaming of a baby wearing a pink dress, wrapped in a pink blanket or wearing a pink bow could mean the coming of a girl child in the family.

A vision of pink and white objects signifies good health and a peaceful life devoid of challenges and limitations.

A pink lipstick indicates that a relationship might take time to begin.

Hot pink objects stand for feelings of sensuality and lust.

Pink balloon flying in the air means one should be more ambitious in life.

Someone wishing you pink of health indicates that you would have good health and get the support of your kith and kin.

Constantly seeing pink in your dreams, especially if you do not like the color, could hint at some unresolved problems with your parents, more specifically, your mother.

Meaning and Importance of Pink Objects in Different Aspects of Life

Pink lotus: Devotion and purity

Pink rose: Gentleness, admiration, joy, and sweetness

Pink and white rose: Feelings of gratitude and thankfulness (one can express to a friend)

Pink orchids: Joy, grace, femininity, and innocence

Pink flowers in general: Romance, elegance, charm, simplicity, and happiness

Pink paint: Gentle, soothing, comforting

Pink candle: Compassion, love, forgiveness, sensuality, and feelings of reconciliation

Pink shirt: High income, high educational qualification, and confident behavior when worn in an interview

Pink triangle: In the Nazi concentration camps, a pink triangle was used for identifying and shaming homosexuals. At present, the LGBT communities have adopted it as a symbol of their individuality.

On Valentine’s Day: Wearing a pink dress means that you accept the proposal of someone special.

In wedding décor: Good health, purity, freshness, love, child-like personality, innocence, and even a flirtatious nature

In business: Softness, sweetness, inspiring, providing positive vibes and eliminating negative expressions like feelings of resentment, anger, and neglect

In the medical field: Code pink is a code word adapted universally to signal the occurrence of abduction.

The pink ribbon symbolizes breast cancer awareness and is mostly worn in October which is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Is pink only a color of women

Pink is mostly thought to be a girly color, and those having a liking for this shade are perceived as girlish, delicate and sometimes a little silly. However, this is a misconception as not all women are fond of pink and the other sex could also have a desire for this shade. In fact, in the late 19th and early 20th century, it was said to be a color for the boys since its association with red made it look masculine, while blue, because of its soft delicate tone, was considered feminine. However, by the latter half of the 20th-century advertising agencies worked towards permanently fixing pink as the color of the female sex and even in literature this hue is used to glorify anything girly or delicate.

What Does the Color Mean Spiritually and in Different Cultures

In Christianity: Biblically it stands for the correct relationship with the Almighty Father.

In Chinese culture: Though unknown to China for many years until the influence of the west, at present it symbolizes love, because of which in feng shui it helps in calming one’s mind and evoking feelings of love.

In Japanese culture: The color stands for femininity, youth, and good health. It also has an association with springtime when pink cherry blossoms fill the tree. The sakura-iro (pink blossoms) stands for the Japanese warriors who gave up their lives at a young age.

In Korean culture: It represents feelings of trust.

In Indian culture: Traditionally it symbolized warmth and hospitality, because of which Jaipur was painted in pink to welcome guests and came to be known as the Pink city of India.

In Navratri, a nine-night festival of the Hindus, pink is the color of the eighth day symbolizing hope, positivity, and freshness.

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