Purple Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Purple Mean

Purple, a close cousin of violet possesses the calmness of blue and the vibrance of red since it is the intermediate of both these primary colors. This shade also stands for ambition, luxury, royalty, power, nobility, grandeur, creativity and wisdom. At the same time, it also represents extravagance, arrogance, pompousness, impracticality, immaturity, as well as corruptness.

Purple Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

Significance of Purple in One’s Personality

If purple is your favorite color, then you may be compassionate and understanding, always giving priority to the needs of other than your own. Gentleness and a free-spirited nature are also noticeable in someone who is fascinated towards this shade, and they would be enthusiastic about traveling in order to get acquainted with different places alongside their culture. Such people have a creative bent of mind and often follow an unconventional pattern when it comes to selecting their dress or even a design for their home. An intuitive nature is even observed in lovers of purple who are often on the quest for spiritual fulfillment.  They are even imbibed with a sense of generosity, expecting a little from the other person. Purple-fanatics also possess a profound ability to judge someone’s character, though they are too good to speak ill about someone.

An aura of purple stands for creativity, enlightenment, spiritual healing and cleansing of the mind.

An over-obsession for purple hints at impracticality and the person would enjoy being in his world of fantasy, seeing the rosy-side of life, ignoring the adversities and ugliness. They would also be highly sensitive, quickly hurt by someone’s unwanted behavior. Such people also have an introvert and secretive nature, loving to remain in their shell , making it difficult for even the closest of their pals to understand them well. They also have a tendency of standing away from the crowd and establish their individuality, which could make them appear snobbish and arrogant to others.

Spiritual Symbolism of Purple in One’s Dreams

Dreaming about objects in purple or just the color itself hints at a sense of neutrality, meaning that you could have to encounter situations in life that are opened. Moreover, it may even indicate powerlessness, robbing you of your ability to react or respond to a certain situation.

For instance, a man was said to have a vision of someone wearing a purple shirt, in his waking life it seemed that he lacked the power of confronting an enemy. Dreams of purple are also a reflection of your creative instincts urging you to channelize your artistic side well.

Meaning and Importance of Purple Objects in Different Aspects of Life

Flower: Purple rose – Wisdom, feminism, beauty and love (at first sight); Purple orchids – Dignity, respect, admiration, and royalty; Purple lotus – Spiritual enlightenment and rebirth; Purple tulips – Royalty; Purple iris – Wisdom

Purple elephant: The color purple in the background with two elephants facing one another symbolizes Alzheimer’s disease.

Purple martin: Good fortune

Purple dragon: Contrasting meanings, as they symbolize royalty and wealth as well as grief and mourning.

Purple butterfly: Healing, spiritual enlightenment and good luck.

Purple tie: This is preferred over red and blue as it stands for royalty and self-confidence, also helping to create a positive impression of the wearer.

Purple candle: Facilitates in meditation, enhance spiritual awakening as well as help in healing.

Purple heart: In the United States of America a purple heart was awarded to the veterans in military service who were wounded or to the family of those who lost their lives when in service. In a snap chat, the purple heart stands for compassionate love and a sense of understanding.

Purple feather: Spirituality

A purple dress: Since it represents prosperity, royalty, and leadership, wearing the purple color help one in establishing his authority. Egyptian monarchs in the past to Queen Elizabeth II at present have worn purple to establish their royal status.

In feng shui: It stands for abundance, dignity and nobility alongside spirituality and intuition because of its calming and soothing appearance.

In politics: Purple was initially associated with monarchism and also linked to feminism. This shade has a variety of meanings that differ from one country to the other. In Mexico purple is the Humanist Party’s color, while in Ireland it represents the Social Democrats.

In business: Since it has the energy, strength and power or red, alongside the truth and integrity of blue many brands like Cadbury, Hallmark and FedEx use purple as their theme color.

In literature: Wealth, wisdom, transformation and royalty

What Does the Color Mean Spiritually and in Difficult Cultures

In Christianity: Biblically it stands for royalty, mediator, kinship, priesthood and wealth. During Lent, purple is regarded as the traditional color, associated with royalty. Its depth helps in focusing one’s attention on the repentance and fasting linked to the period of Lent.

In China: It stands for immortality and divinity, while in the recent times the meaning is changing and the color represents romance and love.

In Japan: It is associated with aristocracy, wealth and royalty. 

In Brazil and Thailand: It is a sign of mourning and death, worn alongside black on losing a loved one.

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