Silver Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Silver Mean

Silver being a precious metal, the color symbolizes calmness, elegance, mystery, sophistication, maturity, intelligence, glamor and also a sense of purification.

Silver Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

The Significance of Silver in One’s Personality

If silver is one’s favorite color then he is not the one to get swayed away by emotions but has a logical bent of mind. He even appears to be matured, wise, and also a thorough professional, disliking a casual attitude, especially when it comes to workplace. Because of their practical approach, such people like to move on, rather than getting nostalgic and dwelling in the past.

Including silver in different walks of your life, especially buying a car of this color reveals one’s cool, elegant, futuristic and confident outlook.

However, an over obsession for this color could hint at one’s arrogant and unemotional nature, often putting his opinion at priority.

If a person has a dark silver aura then it tstands for fear and could even hint at any impending illness or health problems, while a light silver aura means good luck and increase in wealth.

What Does the Color Spiritually Mean in Your Dream

Silver, when seen in a dream, could represent your inner intuition urging you to rely on it when encountering a challenging situation. It even hints at your protective nature and stands for good luck.

Finding silver in your dreams means the discovery of hidden talent within oneself.

A silver ring could mean a new phase in your relationship especially if you are single.

Seeing yourself wearing a round silver ring could mean that your life is going through a confusing phase. In Islam dreaming of wearing a silver ring means joy, comfort, and happiness.

Breaking a silver ring stands for a heartbreak, though your spirit would remain strong.

A silver necklace could mean that you might pick up a fight with a person you are acquainted with or even undergo financial losses.

Silver spoons hint at uninvited guests you could have.

Bright silver earrings could mean that you would make a genuine attempt to make your ideas get accepted while involved in a verbal spat. Dirty or dull colored earrings, however, indicate that the opposition would not take in your arguments.

A silver bracelet means good news in waiting. If a pregnant woman or someone in her family has a vision of a silver bracelet then it could indicate the coming of a boy.

Picking up silver coins suggests a material and prospective gain.

Seeing yourself drinking from a silver cup means good luck.

Buying silver is a sign of profit.

A silver anklet refers to any health problems you have or are facing that would be sorted out soon.

Meaning and Importance of Silver Objects in Different Aspects of Life

Silver candle: Spirituality, healing, calmness, and love

Silver wedding dress: Patience, and calmness, while it is also said that a silver gown could also hint at quick divorce.

In business: Calming, purifying, soothing, smooth, lustrous and sleek, that makes it be used in packaging as well as whole lot of other industries.

The silver ribbon stands as a symbol of awareness for certain conditions in children like Parkinson’s disease, severe depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

What Does the Color Represent in Different Cultures

In Christianity: Biblically silver stands for truth, divinity, purity and salvation. In Genesis however it is used to indicate old age.

In Japanese culture: It stands for strength, masculinity and precision mostly used in weapons and tools.

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