Teal Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Teal Mean

Teal is a bluish-green shade symbolizing gentleness, calmness and serenity (of blue) and strength, growth as well as high-spiritedness (of green). It also stands for elegance, and sophistication.

Teal Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

Significance of Teal in One’s Personality

A person whose favorite color is teal is known to have an introvert and unconventional nature. Such people are noted for their uniqueness and often tend to like things which are little different and not much appreciated by the common mass.  Another characteristic trait of teal lovers is that they are not impulsive but careful and cautious, reasoning before performing an action or taking a decision. They are also open-minded and not judgmental as they do not have the habit of jumping into a conclusion about a person or a situation before knowing about them/it at length.  They are even trustworthy and can be relied upon by friends or acquaintances.

Those who are over-obsessed with teal may, however, be a little mechanical, since they lack a spontaneous or erratic thought process.

What Does the Color Teal Mean Spiritually in Your Dreams

Dreaming of teal indicates your loyal and devoted nature and your willingness to come to aid of your kith and kin who may be in need of physical, emotional or spiritual assistance. Dreams of teal are also suggestive of greener pastures and good news in waiting.

Meaning and Importance of Teal Objects in Different Aspects of Life

As a wall color: Because of its soothing, calm and sophisticated appearance teal has been a popular color choice in interior design since the mid-20th century,  used as a wall color in living rooms, libraries, and bath rooms. The color contrasts well with shades of maroon, gold and coral.

In feng shui: It symbolizes the water elements, representing tranquility and relaxation.

Besides standing for cervical, uterine and ovarian cancers, the teal ribbon represents awareness for sexual assault, also worn in memory of the tsunami victims.

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