Turquoise Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Turquoise Mean

Turquoise, an amalgamation of blue and green, symbolizes healing, calmness, tranquility, freshness, and energy.

Turquoise Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

Significance of the Color Turquoise in One’s Personality

People with a preference for this color are believed to have a personality like an ocean, a combination of serenity, and sophistication, combined with freshness, energy, wisdom, and creativity. They may be submissive at one moment and ferocious at the next.  They also have the ability to adapt to changes.

Bright turquoise is associated with masculine characteristics, while the darker shade symbolizes feminity.

People possessing a turquoise aura are known to have a healing nature, always on the lookout to support someone in distress.

Turquoise-eyed individuals are smart and attractive, with hypnotic power.

However, an over-fascination of this color (wanting even the walls and floors to be turquoise) may indicate emotional imbalance and an inability of expressing oneself.

What Does the Color Turquoise Mean in your Dream

Dreaming of turquoise is a symbol of good luck, success, healing, improvement, and fortune.

A smooth turquoise sea stands for a calm and clear mindset.

Dreaming of a turbulent turquoise sea, or a turquoise boat sailing on rough waters can indicate an emotional turmoil, going on in your mind, which you are unable to express.

Seeing yourself wearing a turquoise shirt, and calling out to someone who is unable to hear you, might indicate a lack of communication between you, and someone important in your life

According to Islam belief, a woman dreaming of holding a turquoise-handled knife suggests that she would bear a son who would have a long life.

Meaning of Turquoise Color in Other Fields and Objects

Turquoise car: Proper emotional balance and the ability to take care of oneself

Turquoise wall: Calmness, tranquility, and positivity (this is why it is often used in health clinics and counseling centers)

Turquoise wallpaper: Elegance, creativity, luxuriousness and the overall unconventional nature of the person who picks the color

The turquoise ribbon represents addiction recovery, bone tumor awareness, as well as certain serious conditions including interstitial cystitis, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, and interstitial cystitis.

The color is sometimes also associated with purity and cleanliness, which makes it a common choice for businesses related to water, like drinking water filters, and water sports.

What does the Color Represent Spiritually and in Different Cultures

In Christianity: Biblically, the shade is associated with healing, sanctification and New Jerusalem (abode of peace).

In Islam: It stands for victory, long life and enthusiasm.

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