Violet Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Violet Mean

Violet, a close cousin of blue and purple, represents spirituality, purification, gentleness, imagination, calmness, creativity, wisdom, royalty and luxury.

Violet Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

Meaning of Violet in One’s Personality

A person who prefers violet is said to have a spiritual inclination, also being of a meditative nature. They are even known to be self-sufficient, creative, resourceful and unique.

An increased fondness for violet can have some negative connotations. Such people are introvert because of their high level of self-sufficiency. They could even be a little immature and impractical, always engrossed in their worlds of fascination. Since this is associated with loyalty, violet lovers could be extravagant and also remain confined in their world of loneliness.

An aura of violet indicates one’s urge to seek answers to the various questions of life to find the right direction. Inquisitiveness or a sense of curiosity is also associated with an aura of this shade.

What Does the Color Violet Mean In Your Dream

Visualizing violet in your dreams indicates the unfulfilled ambitions that you can still achieve as your spiritual self is nourished well. Dreams of this color also prompt you to listen to your intuition, helping to understand your spiritual self.

A violet lotus symbolizes the immensely spiritual side of your personality.

Wearing the color in your dream means that you will find peace in your waking life quite soon.

Meaning and Importance of Violet Objects in Different Aspects of Life

Violet dress: Sensitive, royalty, compassion, meditative

Violet cloth: Prosperity and success, which is why small children were wrapped in it during the Medieval times

Violet paint: Calmness and relaxation

Violet in business: Strength, luxury, creativity, spirituality, and strength when used as decors or for packaging in businesses. Also symbolizes the loyalty of employees towards their company when selected as the uniform color.

What Does the Color Mean Spiritually and in Difficult Cultures

In Christianity:  Biblically, symbolizes Christ’s sovereignty and also stands for one’s repentance of his sin.

In Belgian culture: It stands for mourning

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