Yellow Color Meaning and Symbolism

What Does the Color Yellow Mean

Yellow, a bright and vibrant primary color symbolizes happiness, enlightenment, freshness, optimism, energy, loyalty, and creativity. Besides the positive implications it also adversely means jealousy, irrationality, fear, depression, cowardice, and anxiety.

Yellow Meaning Symbolism Favorite Color

What Does it Mean If Your Favorite Color is Yellow

The color yellow has an interesting impact on the personality of those who consider it as their favorite. Such people are thorough perfectionists, also having a good clarity of thought alongside a methodical approach. Lovers of yellow have a creative bent of mind, as this color helps in sharpening one’s process of thinking, no wonder endorsements or pictures often show a yellow bulb popping on top of a person’s head when he is engrossed in deep thoughts. Those fascinated towards yellow are adept at suppressing their emotions and stay strong during adversities. Moreover, those with a love for this shade are sharp, being good at things which involve the mind like a game of chess, crosswords or cards. They are even acclaimed for their smart style sense, mostly dressing to impress. They also have an exceptional skill of extracting information out of others, perhaps a reason why journalists associate themselves with this shade.  If someone chooses yellow for his car color, it means that he is young and vibrant at heart, possessing a brilliant sense of humor and desires to be noticed always.

On the contrary, if one is over-obsessed towards yellow, his personality could possess a tinge of shrewdness, and such a person may even be a little stubborn, snobbish as well as arrogant. They may also have a demanding and critical approach, often developing feelings of fear, isolation, and insecurity.

A person with a yellow aura is hardworking with an exceptional analytical, observational, and communicative skills. However, if someone has a prominent aura of yellow that could come with a negative implication meaning that such people could be increasingly critical of their own selves as well as others.

Meaning and Symbolism of Different Shades of Yellow

Bright yellow: It stands for positivity and clarity of mind. However, it even symbolizes cowardice and too much of it could result in stress.

Light yellow: Intelligence, joy, freshness

Lemon yellow: Stands for the requirement of order in a person’s life

Citrine yellow: Deception, emotional instability and the inability to take any serious responsibilities

Dark yellow: Melancholy, cynicism and depression

Golden yellow: Sense of curiosity and sensitivity towards criticism

Cream yellow: Creativity and innovative bent of mind

What Does the Color Yellow Spiritually Mean in Your Dream

A pleasant dream of yellow could mean energy, happiness, harmony, peace, intellect and wisdom, while an unpleasant reverie hints at disgrace, sickness, deceit, cowardice, jealousy, indecisiveness, and betrayal.

Having a vision of a yellow room suggests that you are mentally stimulated, urging you to use your mind.

When bachelors dream of any yellow colored object, it indicates that they would soon be attracted to a woman.

Yellow flowers could mean good as well as the bad, as on one hand it indicates success on your work front, while on the other hand, it hints at a turbulence in relationship with your beloved.

Yellow leaves are ominous as it indicates that your present plans or endeavors may not succeed. The dream is, however, an encouragement, urging you to move forward irrespective of the obstacles that come in your way.

Dreaming of your teeth becoming yellow is a bad omen, meaning that you may face deception from your near and dear ones.

Yellow cars refer to the mood swings you would go though in the near future. If you see them passing by your side, it could mean that your moodiness would end shortly, while seeing them parked indicates that your present state of mind would persist for some time.  It could also mean of a danger that you may encounter on the streets while driving.

Yellow clothes indicate that you would be able to shed off all the negativities of the past and enter into a happy phase of life.

A yellow cloth, on the other hand, stands for success.

Seeing a yellow house in your dreams suggests positivity, creativity, hopefulness and a flourishing period in-waiting.

Yellow shoes mean happiness and contentment also reflecting your urge to travel.

Yellow sapphire indicates that you would always be blessed with richness and remain protected from any difficulties in life.

Yellow snake is symbolic of your intuitive mind, spiritually awakening your conscience and helping you to resolve a certain situation.

Meaning and Importance of Yellow Objects in Different Aspects of Life

Yellow rose: Warmth, friendship, optimism, joy delight, appreciation (but not romance). However in the Victorian period a yellow rose would stand for jealousy.

Yellow daisy: Happiness, joy, positivity, friendship (mostly given to a dear friend)

Yellow lily: Thankfulness, desire to enjoy

Yellow butterfly: Joy, fun, frolic, creativity, prosperity, long life, wealth and also a new life (in some cultures). It may have a negative meaning too as a sailor witnessing a yellow butterfly when on ship foretold of his impending death.

Yellow bird: Positive outlook, joy and happiness

Yellow heart (on a snap chat): Friendship, happiness, trustful love

Yellow feather: Lightheartedness, positive outlook

Yellow candle: Confidence, charm, attractiveness, logic, creativity, also helping to improve memory and visualization

As a wall color: Its warmth and energizing nature makes it perfect for bathrooms, dining space and kitchens. However, too much of yellow may cause a person to lose his temper and studies have shown that babies get agitated and cry a lot when kept in rooms of this shade. 

In traffic signal: A sign of caution, ushering you to slow down and bring your vehicle to a halt.

In a football match: Caution and warn players to mend their ways, with two yellow cards in a single game would result in a red card.

In business: Since it is eye-catching and also has qualities like warmth, happiness, creativity and optimism associated with it, different brands like Mc Donald’s, Ikea, Hertz and Nikon have incorporated this color in its logo.

In literature: It has on one hand been used as the color of the intellectuals, also depicting loyalty, energy and happiness, while at the same time it is used metaphorically to represent cowardice. In J.D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield the protagonist indicates his cowardly nature by describing himself to be “yellow”.

In feng shui: It evokes warmth, and happiness, helping one to be attentive and also stimulating his intellect.

The yellow ribbon has a host of symbolic implications, adorned by a person, tied on a tree or even put on a certain vehicle. In the U.S army, the yellow ribbon is worn during the famous marching song Round Her Neck She Wears a Yeller Ribbon. In Australia, the ribbon is tied around trees in the Albert Park, by the group initiating to save them as they were to be cut when the place was allotted for the Grand Prix event. Though the trees could not be saved, each year at the time of the event a ribbon is seen around them as a mark of protest. In Canada it was worn by mothers and wives of soldiers fighting in the First World War with the hope that they would certainly return. The ribbon with a heart is worn by survivors of those who committed suicide. When teamed with purple it stands for bladder cancer, autoimmune hepatitis and Sotos Syndrome.

What Does Yellow Represent In Different Religion and Culture

In Christianity: Biblically, yellow represents fire and is related to purification.

In Hinduism: It stands for learning, knowledge, meditation, happiness and peace. Certain deities worshipped in Hindu culture like Lord Ganesha, and Lord Krishna wore yellow dresses, thus associating this shade to purity. On the auspicious occasion of Navratri (nine day celebration), an important festival in Hindu culture, where yellow stands for happiness, cheerfulness and brightness.

In Japan: It means courage and wealth and was also a shade of the royals.

In Germany: It stands for envy.

In China: The color is considered as a good luck charm and also a symbol of royalty, with palaces, temples, and altars often decorated with yellow in the past. It also represents liberty from worldly ties, with garments of monks being of this shade. Chinese Buddhists also use yellow as the color of mourning.

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