Year Of The Horse: Chinese Zodiac Personality, Compatibility, And Elements

What is the Year of the Horse

The Horse is the seventh symbol in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac signs. The Year of the Horse is a recurring position in this cycle. The period of 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM is the hour of the Horse.

When are the Years of the Horse with Dates

Start Date End Date Heavenly Branch
30 January 1930 16 February 1931 Year of Metal Horse
15 February 1942 4 February 1943 Year of Water Horse
3 February 1954 23 January 1955 Year of Wood Horse
21 January 1966 8 February 1967 Year of Fire Horse
7 February 1978 27 January 1979 Year of Earth Horse
27 January 1990 13 February 1991 Year of Metal Horse
12 February 2002 31 January 2003 Year of Water Horse
31 January 2014 18 February 2015 Year of Wood Horse
                          Upcoming Years of the Horse
17 February 2026 5 February 2027 Year of Fire Horse
4 February 2038 23 January 2039 Year of Earth Horse

General Characteristics and Personality of Horse Chinese Zodiac

Those who are born in the Year of the Horse are full of enthusiasm and energy. They do not shy away from accepting their weaknesses, and attempt to improve themselves.

Positive Traits: Agile, wise, cautious, attractive

Negative Traits: Lazy, arrogant, greedy

Horse Chinese Zodiac

Traits of Chinese Zodiac Horse Based on Elements

1. Wood Horse

As Wood Horses value freedom, they dislike being attached with something or someone for long.

They are hardworking and passionate, achieving their goals at any cost without relying on anyone.

If they can practice being more patient, nothing can come as a hurdle in their path.

2. Fire Horse

Smart and egoistic, they do not like taking suggestions or advices from others. However, they are always there to help and take care of their close ones.

Their sharp brain and polished look makes them ideal for business-related careers.

3. Earth Horse

Kind-hearted individuals, Earth Horses reach out to those in need without caring a fig about their benefits.

Soft-spoken and outgoing, they gel well with most around them and also enjoy immense social popularity.

4. Metal Horse

People born in the Year of the Metal Horse prefer a relaxed and hassle-free environment. They take everything easy and avoid quarrels.

They do not fail to show gratitude to those who have helped them.

5. Water Horse

Sentimental and kind, they can solve any problem by analyzing it from different perspectives without being partial.

Water Horses are least hesitant to express their emotions. Outspoken as well, they are someone who will always stand up for a good cause.

Astrology Elements and Lucky Signs

Yin Yang: Yang

The Five Elements: Fire

Birthstone: Topaz

Season: Summer

Lucky Numbers: 4, 3, 7, 9

Lucky Colors: Gold, Blue, Red

Lucky Charms (Protective Items): Pi Yao, Three-Guardians

Relationship and Love Compatibility of Horse with other Chinese Zodiac Signs

Best Match: Tiger, Sheep, Dog

Worst Match: Rat, Ox, Rabbit

Rat Rat man + Horse woman– A mismatched couple with opposite personalities Rat woman + Horse man– The excessive affection of the rat woman might make the horse man uncomfortable and trapped
Ox Ox man + Horse woman – Do not make ideal soul mates Ox woman + Horse man– Lack of understanding and difference in opinions weakens the relationship
Tiger Tiger man + Horse woman– Share common interests and goals Tiger woman + Horse man– Enjoy being in each other’s company
Rabbit Rabbit man + Horse woman– The rabbit man might not be happy with the horse woman’s stubborn nature Rabbit woman + Horse man– Neither of them will feel any positive vibe in their relationship
Dragon Dragon man + Horse woman– Connection is strong due to similar social and intellectual preferences Dragon woman + Horse man– The dragon woman might be overwhelmed with the love showered by the horse man
Snake Snake man + Horse Woman– The insecurities of the snake man can frustrate the horse woman and break the alliance Snake woman + Horse man– Physical attraction might not promise a long-term bond between the two
Horse Horse man + Horse woman– Two nomadic personalities will get along with each other
Sheep Sheep man + Horse woman– If the love is strong, nothing can come between them Sheep woman + Horse man– The soft-spoken sheep will always be by the horse man’s side
Monkey Monkey man + Horse woman– Ability to be flexible and adjustable can lead to a well-balanced relationship Monkey woman + Horse man– The beginning of the relationship would be smooth, but later misunderstandings may arise
Rooster Rooster man + Horse woman– If the rooster man stops demanding perfectionism, both of them could stay happy Rooster woman + Horse man– Make a good romantic pair
Dog Dog man + Horse woman– Show affection and understanding towards each other Dog woman+ Horse man– The caring dog woman would give enough space to the energetic horse man
Pig Pig man + Horse woman– If the focus of the relationship is fun, it will last long Pig Woman+ Horse man– The laziness of the pig woman can sometimes irritate the active horse man

Year of the Horse Western Equivalent

The western counterpart of the Horse is Gemini.

Western Signs Born in the Year of the Horse

Aries: Persistent and decisive, Arian Horses know what they want in their life and works towards it with complete dedication. Getting appreciation from others give them a moral boost.

Taurus: Intellectual and versatile, Taurus Horses have their unique way of thinking and doing actions. Due to their calm and steady attitude, they can take up any challenge.

Gemini: Under the influence of the Horse, the Gemini zodiac becomes more energetic and intelligent. They think and act fast in any situation and get the desired results.

Cancer: The free-spirited Horse and the shy Cancer when together create adventurous and risk-taking individuals. They also have great emotional stamina.

Leo: Leo Horses are caring and loving, having a fun side to their personality. Unlike typical Leos, these individuals are less impulsive and take decisions after some thinking.

Virgo: Virgo Horses have a good sense of direction, finding the right way to reach their goals. Trustworthy and helpful, they are loved and respected by all.

Libra: Reflecting a sprightly personality, Libran Horses enjoy going to social gatherings. They have a good sense of humor, constantly entertaining their people around.

Scorpio: The mental strength of Scorpions is doubled under the impact of the Horse. Although these personalities desire a comfortable lifestyle, they can do minimal if the situation demands.

Sagittarius: Over-expressive and vivacious, Sagittarian Horses stay positive without breaking down. They try not to take stress even when given the toughest task

Capricorn: Practically realistic Capricorn Horses have less space for emotional outbursts. Their mannerisms do not change as nothing bores them.

Aquarius: Aquarian Horses can switch their mind within no time, owing to their adaptation skills. They are independent, not willing to commit to a relationship soon.

Pisces: The combination of Pisces and Horse represents a person who is friendly, sober, and smart. These Pisceans have complete faith in themselves and stick to their views.

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