The Hermit Tarot

What is the Hermit Tarot

The Hermit Tarot is the ninth (IX) card in a suit of twenty-two cards, called the trumps or the Major Arcana, in a traditional 78-card tarot deck. Associated with the Virgo zodiac, it is used both in playing cards and divination. The ruling planet of the Hermit Tarot is Mercury, and his element is Earth.

How is the Hermit in the Tarot Card Depicted

The Hermit wearing a grey cloak stands on a snow-covered mountain peak. He is holding a lantern in his right hand and a staff in the left hand. He has a bearded face which is slightly bent to the right. Inside the lantern is a six-pointed star radiating bright light.

What Does the Hermit in the Tarot Card Mean

The Hermit embodies spiritual truth who wants to spread knowledge. His gray robe signifies invisibility while the star inside the lantern represents the Seal of Solomon that stands for wisdom. The staff symbolizes power and authority.

The mountain peak depicts a feeling of isolation despite achievement and growth.

The Hermit as a Person (Signifier)

A symbol of honesty, perseverance, and intelligence, the Hermit’s task is to shine and enlighten others with his knowledge. Beneath his feet lies the pain and difficulties he has been through to reach the top. It suggests you stay positive and well-balanced without losing your patience.

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning: Upright

The Hermit Tarot

Symbolism: Self-discovery, contemplation, spiritual understanding, detachment, intuition, secrecy

Interpretation: In a tarot reading, the appearance of the card in the upright position indicates that you are withdrawing yourself from all the worldly things and turning inwards to realize the divine truth. The timing is right for you to find out your ultimate goal in life and work towards it.

Your limited materialistic desires could help focus on important aspects and come out with feasible solutions. You have strong leadership skills to guide others to the right destination.

Don’t get too habituated with your solitude as you may later find it difficult to find someone to express feelings and emotions.

In Love and Relationship Reading

Symbolism: Togetherness, emotional longing, creative engagement, reconciliation

Interpretation: If you are in a relationship, your partner may love spending time with you in isolation and having intellectual discussions.

The ones seeking a romantic relationship should spend some time in contemplation to realize whether they want to take a major step. If you are dating someone, then marriage could be on the cards.

Hermit Tarot Card Readings in Other Situations

Career and Work: Your current dilemma is selecting the right occupation that would give you satisfaction and fulfillment. The Hermit card advises you not to refuse a new job offer as it could be the one you have been waiting for all this while.

Business and Finance: Although money is not the highest priority of the Hermit, you still need to limit your financial transactions and stock investments. If you are running a business, focus on building your brand rather than wasting resources on unnecessary services.

Health: It suggests you take ample rest to recharge your body. Taking some time out from your busy schedule to do some light exercises would reduce the risk of health problems.

The appearance of the card during pregnancy implies that you and your partner should spend some time alone and plan for your baby’s future needs.

Reversed Hermit Tarot Meaning

The Hermit Tarot Card Reversed

Symbolism: Discouragement, loss of social skills, anxiety

Interpretation: It suggests you to stop being too reclusive as a plethora of opportunities is there in the world to seize. Solitude is necessary, but it’s not viable to stay withdrawn for a long time without any human interaction. In fact, devoting too much time soul-searching could cause damage in the long run.

In Love and Relationship Reading

Symbolism: Separation, emptiness

Interpretation: Those who are committed must take a break from work and sit and talk. If you stay aloof, the outcome would not be pleasant.

It may also signify a fear of rejection and loneliness for singles, preventing them from getting into a new relationship. According to the Hermit card, it is high time you put aside your inhibitions and make a fresh start.

The Hermit Card in Different Positions in a Tarot Spread

Past: It throws light on the mistakes committed earlier that has taught a big lesson in your life, turning you into a reformed personality.

Present: When you begin to understand yourself properly, all the doubts assailing you would be solved one by one. Self-introspection is the need of the hour.

Future: You would soon come to know about your true destination. Once you have made up your mind to reach there, nothing can come as an obstacle on your path.

Hermit Card Meaning in Combination with Other Cards

The Fool Tarot Stands for absent-mindedness and lack of judgment
The Magician Tarot Symbolizes difficulty in paying attention to details
The High Priestess Tarot Suggests possibility of a passionate relationship
The Empress Tarot Implies that you are capable but extremely careful before taking actions
The Emperor Tarot Speaks about your creativity and snobbish nature
The Hierophant Tarot Symbolizes physical strength and highly active mind
The Lovers Tarot Suggests power, fame, and wealth
The Chariot Tarot Points at your indecisiveness
The Strength Tarot Shows your tendency to get into silly arguments
The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Indicates a person who is good at multi-tasking
The Justice Tarot Advises you to voice your opinions and decisions
The Hanged Man Tarot Signifies your caliber to turn a problem into an opportunity
The Death Tarot Suggests frustration and irritability in your life
The Temperance Tarot Warns you to put an end to your fast-paced life and spend time with family
The Devil Tarot Reveals your evil thoughts preventing you from doing good
The Tower Tarot Implies a period of temporary isolation or a personal loss
The Star Tarot Indicates happy times as you have finally chosen the right path
The Moon Tarot Marks clarity and hope amid uncertainties
The Sun Tarot Symbolizes growth and success
The Judgment Tarot Suggests that you will stay single for a long time
The World Tarot Signifies slow but steady success
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